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E-Book: Black Culture Voiced
  • E-Book: Black Culture Voiced

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    Black Culture Voiced looks at the parallel lineages of Black culture, history, and music genres created by African Americans. Opio Sokoni researches the figures, events, and music that have had the strongest impact on today's Hip Hop music. From the griots of Africa to the Blues of the 1920s, Blacks have voiced a story. Those stories told through songs later produced spirituals, chain gang rhythms, Blues, Jazz, Rock, R&B, Soul, and Hip Hop. This music sometimes served to foster insurrection for those seeking freedom. It was also used to make work and the pains of life easier. Most significantly, perhaps, songs have been used to tell an inspiring and ancient history that is often omitted from textbooks. The creativity that African Americans have displayed through music has been fascinating. Black Culture Voiced is an important contribution to the history of music.

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