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Updated: May 19, 2021

Multi-platinum street and often praying rapper is reported to have passed away from a heart attack after an alledged drug overdose. Check out a few of his pics and songs here.

DMX Pictorial

NEW YORK — Rapper DMX was in a coma after a heart attack due to an overdose. It was reported that he has just taken a COVID vaccine. His manager Steve Rifkind told media sources that X would undergo further tests on his brain function. Today reports are stating that he has passed away. DMX, who is 50-year-old, real name is Earl Simmons. He was admitted to the hospital in White Plains, New York this week (April 2).

Crowds of fans have been posted at the hospital all week, including his motorcycle wheeling Ruff Riders. Vigils are being held for the artist.

DMX has been open about his issues with addiction and made a song called Slippin in the early part of his career addressing it and other serious issues.

DMX burst onto the world stage in 1998 and put out multiple platinum projects over the years, having his first five albums debut at number one and selling millions. Over the years he has been in a spiritual space which is familiar to his hardcore fans. His energy is compared to Tupac Shakur who died in 1996.

DMX is a broad range artist who knows how to deliver a rhyme. Most of his lyrics were about street life. Even his love songs were built around a tough guy with a love for beautiful women and loyalty from his dogs...

The Power of DMX

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