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Natural Beauty of Black Women No Longer Taking a Back Seat

Black beauty has always been. It's ancient. But, similar to the 70s, social movements help those who are aware bring their entire existence to the front. So, what do you like about Black women?

In the comments below, let us know what you love about Black women. Stephen Kerr (not the ball player) use to always say that we were more unified when our hair was natural. He was saying this during the early 90s referring to the 60s and 70s. Back during the 90s the hair trend was press, fried, dyed and laid to the side.

An afro or natural hair was mocked. The Jerri curl took out the afro. People sporting an afro were either old or considered uncool. Interesting that during the 90s the Jerri curl became a thing of laughter. Same as the afro, men who were still wearing curls by the mid 90s were met with jokes. It seemed that southern Californians kept the style for a little while longer than the rest of the country.

But Sistas started wearing head wraps in the 90s and the next decade saw various styles from the 20s to the 70s. That's right, the natural hair came back but this time it is not a fad or considered bad.

The fight now is to see natural hair as professional and truly beautiful. Hair coming out our head naturally should never be considered a lesser standard of professionalism. Just as a woman should never consider straightening her hair to enter a beauty pageant. Below is a picture of Malcolm X's mom Louise Norton Little. She was born 1897. Her hair is natural. Is she beautiful? Yes, there is not an era where Black beauty was not astonishing.

The issue was media and so many other cultural elements were used to destroy the humanity of Black people. Along with that came the effort to make everything that is Black, ugly. And, too many Blacks bought into it. Self esteem as a group is tied to how it sees itself. Where there is low self esteem there is self hate which creates so many negatives such as killings, and irresponsible ways in which people communicate with each other.

But, beauty is not just hair. Black women beauty includes features such as full lips, curvey hips, style of dress, and dark skin. What do you like the most about Black woman beauty? Comment below...


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