Were Antarctica's Pyramids Made by God?

Reports says it's a mountain, some say it was created by ancient Africans while others don't know it exists. Check out the different angles here.

Several years ago the internet went crazy over some nearly discovered images of pyramids in Antarctica. That's right, the harshest continent covered in ice.

The images has the shape of a large pyramid. But, look closer and it looks like a string of smaller ones. In Africa, the great pyramids are lined similarly.

Reports show that what has been referred to as an unnamed mountain range was flown over in 1935. Some scientists are calling it the Ellsworth mountains after the pilot who flew over it almost a century ago. That still has not stopped people from speculating about whether ancient Africa created them. Any which way you go, the spiritual-minded are going to say that God created them. Pyramids in Egypt and in Antarctica are mountains of rock formed into three sides, a pointed top, and a base. The way each are formed are different. Mountains are shaped through erosion over long periods of time. If this is the case with the Antarctica structure, it is a natural movel indeed. And indeed it is a pyramid. But, who knows. We don't know all of the types of beings and human being that have inhabited this planet before us. Some beings with advancements far beyond ours may have formed it or used it in some way that required it to be shaped that way. It would be interesting to see clear pictures of the smaller ones. It would also be good to know if the structured have be inhabited before. Are there tunnels in Antarctica's pyramids? It would be great to know more.

Images are all over the internet like the ones below shown in a google broad search.

The exact location of the pyramid/mountains is located at 79°58’39.25”S 81°57’32.21”W .

What do you think?

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