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National Advertising

Scholar Resource Academy



Print & Digital 

Digital Reach:   84,000,000


Print Readers:    Over 30,000,000
Newspapers:   Over 450 

Newspaper and News Websites:   Over 500


Female 47%    Male 43%



Over 3,000 Jounalists Contacts
Branded Content Sponsoring

Special National Campaigns 

Music & Movies National Packages
Get Out the Vote National Package
Informational Campaign

Drone Photography

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We help our clients achieve their goals. Over 20 Years in Media and still evolving newspapers, digital, radio and tv landscapes. We are the innovators with incredible experiences of success from local to national. We take a campaign and use strategies over wishing and rate negotiations over blank checks. We grow through organic and steadfast relationships with a host of media partners. We deliver with added value and industry leading positioning. Our specialty is media inclusion on local as well as national casmpaigns - from major companies to boutique niches. We callaborate with many to reach many for our clients. 

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