Deep Underwater City Off Coast of Cuba

Updated: Mar 28

Scholars are hesitant to call the structures a city. There may be worth on this one to believe what we are seeing by the images. And, then there is the story below about the few who actually claimed to have been down there. Great pics here of the structures.

Some stories you read about this is about a discovery in 2001 of these structures. A UFO hunter and another person said they were searching and saw a large underwater pyramid. Then the UFO hunter said that he found another one. The pyramids are off the coast of Cuba's main land.

Keep looking into this and we find that scholar after scholar have called them rocks or just refuse to say that this was an underwater City that was inhabited and built by intelligent natives over 50,000 years ago.

It's a bit astonishing that a scholar would see these images and think that it was possible that such a structure was created by rock formation and erosion.

Other Underwater Cities

There are images of other underwater cities. India and Mexico have underwater ruins people can dive to see. But none are deeper than 400 feet below sea level. The pyramids and city off the coast of Cuba is an enormous 2,300 feet below sea level. Scientists have taught that sea levels have never been that low. But now studies may have to write about a much lower dry river basin in the Caribbean. On top of that, there was an advanced culture that created this.

This story goes back to the 1960s when the Kennedys were in the Whitehouse. A couple of submarine sailors were in a bar in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba talking about pyramids they saw underwater. They said there were hundreds of them hidden underwater. Stories like this has driven discoverers for years to search for this advanced underwater City called Atlantis. In 2001 this issue was talked about world wide. Then it ended. Some speculated the the Cuban government did not want swarms of people coming there to dive off their coast. It still has a strained relationship with the U.S. government which has an embargo on the country that is 90 miles away from Miami.

An explorer said the base of the large Cuban pyramid is about 985 feet. That is large because the Great Pyramid of Giza is around 750 feet at the base. But, did ancient Africans build the Cuban Pyramids?

Knowing the type of catastrophic weather that Cuba gets and seeing the base with the use of an underwater view, it is not hard to believe that an ancient culture over 50,000 years ago could have created this city. Scientists are saying there were no ancient cultures in the area that could have do this at the time. Well, proof is showing otherwise. This is not a city that resembles those that sunk into the ocean. No one has gone so far as to say that there were intelligent beings that lived underwater. That would be an exciting story. But, proof may point to a land area that was once above sea level where an advanced city was built.

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