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Highway Covers: What Are They? – August 22, 2018

The I-5 Rose Quarter Improvement Project will complete some necessary safety improvements on I-5, which requires removing and rebuilding the bridges crossing over the highway. In the planning process the project team worked with the community on how these bridges could be rebuilt to help better connect the area. Highway covers provide a unique opportunity to make this happen.

Conceptual drawing of the new I-5 covers looking towards Mt. Hood.

But what are highway covers? These covers provide new public space by spanning over I-5 and concealing more of the highway. Roads, sidewalks and bike lanes go on top of the covers along with extra space for features such as landscaped areas for recreation, including a skate park or a playground; public art installations and displays that reflect the area’s history and culture, picnic tables or plazas for outdoor entertainment; or other options based on community input. They’ll also provide opportunities to better connect local streets and create a more cohesive neighborhood.

These new highway covers are still being designed and we are looking for more input from the community before ultimately deciding what will go on them.

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