Dr. King’s Radical Legacy Must Be Embraced!

The Resource Scholars Show has launched uncompromising, intelligent, and spirited talk on a variety of topics.

A show coming out of Portland, Oregon hosted by Black elderly men is now available online at https://www.resourcescholarsshow.com to give the world a chance to observe uncompromising, intelligent, and spirited points of view. The Resource Scholars Show hosts are banking on showing Dr. King as a radical not being a communication barrier. This is considering the recent Capitol Building insurrection. Past years, Dr. King’s more controversial quotes and speeches have been muted in the mainstream. The Show also explores issues from whether African Americans should take the COVID vaccine to their interesting reaction to the slain rapper King Von's song, “Crazy Story”.

Their take on Hip Hop's murderous Drill Music should be required viewing for young artists. Co-host James Posey likened the result of the music to a virus that uses music to spread violence in our communities. The thirty-minute show has many funny moments. One host hates marijuana due to a funny episode while another host (Reggae Bob) says it is good for you. On the topic of Black Music, real jewels are put forth on how much money was taken from Black music legends.

The Resource Scholars Show is also running on KBMS Radio 1480AM Sunday mornings at 7. The Show will also begin airing locally on The Numberz FM 96.7 this month. The primary way to view The Resource Scholars Show will be on the show's website.

https://www.resourcescholarsshow.com. Viewers can tune in from around the world. The show on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. explores the leader’s speech on Vietnam and Reparations. This hard-hitting show pulls no punches.

The show is produced by Opio Sokoni who also manages the Florida Star and Georgia Star newspapers, alongside of the Impact Radio Show. Each episode of the Resource Scholars Show is broken up into four segments (Business, Culture, Education, Entertainment). Business owners looking to reach an older Black audience will be afforded the opportunity to sponsor show segments.

Viewers can see shows before they are made public on radio and other platforms by visiting the website https://www.resourcescholarsshow.com. Each show provides uncompromising truth and elderly wisdom that is missing in many communities.

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